Build then launch a go-to-marketstrategy
Find new pathways to
Secure new sources of revenue

Gather market insights to craft winning go-to-market approaches.

  • Enter new markets
  • Launch new offerings
  • Forge new routes to revenue
  • End-to-end market strategy

Scale up from entry tactics to growth tactics to harvest share.

  • Acquire and retain key accounts
  • Develop new markets
  • Utilize the right channels
  • Uncover key buying factors

Confidently build a culture of execution in your organization.

  • Cultivate valuable references
  • Build continuous lead gneration
  • Align sales and marketing effort
  • Make your channels powerful

Keep your finger firmly and knowingly on the pulse of the business.

  • Discover your key vital signs
  • Learn how to track them
  • Interpret them with understanding
  • Confidently manage outcomes

Who we are
  • Ex-Fortune 500 marketing and sales executives
  • 25+ years domestic/international experience
  • Hardware, software, infrastructure, comms, apps


Some Industries we serve
Network cable and group people on white background.






  • Retail, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical and Digital Health Care
  • Conventional systems, software and infrastructure providers
  • Server-side, cloud and enterprise applications
  • Legal and professional services
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Financial Services


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How PWG can help

Evaluate Markets
Full strategic profiling, soup to nuts
Enter New Markets
From beachhead to enterprise scale-up
Find, recruit, manage channel partners
Strategy planning to deployment
Generate Leads
Social media and tele-prospecting
Find synergies
Align marketing and sales to boost results
Embrace customers
Buyer profiling, acquisition, repeat buyers
Track vital signs
Recognize, track and manage yours